It's Not Enough To Know Custom Injection Molded Plastics, We Have To Know The Industries We Serve

B & B Molded Products has specific experience in markets including not only product manufacturing but many aspects of the markets including agency approvals, end product requirements, trends and evolution, price targets, key suppliers and competitors and more. This experience includes:

Food Service
Expertise in food handling devices and food moving equipment systems

Understanding of gas combustion burner housings, residential HVAC equipment used to transfer heat to various locations including blowers, fans and related components

Water Systems
Commercial & residential water moving components such as impellers, floats, pump housings plus the full assembly of subsystems and final products

Lawn & Garden Commercial Products
Experienced in the seasonal requirements in these products and how to handle the material flow and inventory necessary to support cyclical demands (Products range from housings to gears used in this market.)

Material Handling
Experienced in commercial handling and transfer equipment for components to full assembly of devices

Residential & Commercial Building Components
Garage door window frames to door handles and the environmental requirements to handle the often associated severe temperature, moisture, ultraviolet radiation exposure

Experienced in commercial products such as individual mop heads, multi-function commercial soap dispensers and motorized cleaning vehicles and the harsh chemical environment in which they must operate