Delivering Injection Molding to Ohio

How Fast Can We Deliver Injection Molding to Ohio?

B&B Custom Molding is located in Defiance, Ohio, strategically situated to serve the injection molding needs of the Midwest.  Lake Erie borders Ohio to the north with 312 miles of coastline and numerous cargo ports.  Ohio’s manufacturing sector is one of the largest industries by percentage of GDP, which includes injection molding.  Ohio also leads the country in the production of plastics and fabricated metals, among other materials.

Speedier Injection Molding: Ohio Delivery Routes 

Ohio has ample transportation infrastructure for fast shipping to meet the state’s needs for injection molding.  Ohio has well-developed highways for business traffic due to its ability to connect the Midwest to the Northeast.   This central location has the benefit of reaching 70% of North America’s manufacturing capacity in a one-day drive…[GET A DETAILED NATIONAL INJECTION MOLDING COST COMPARISON HERE]

JIT Injection Molding in Ohio

B&B Custom Molding serves its customers with Just-In-Time delivery, ensuring speedy shipments while helping companies manage their inventory efficiently and clearly identify their needs related to injection molding.  Ohio has many locations within our one-day replenish cycle for customers set up on our Just-In-Time Kanban delivery system.  For example, a company pursuing injection molding in Ohio might find it useful that B&B Molding can deliver both commercial and consumer products for lawn and garden or janitorial use, for example, on a dailey basis.  This helps companies increase their inventory efficiency, reduce product obsolescence, identify production problems faster, build trust with suppliers, increase production flexibility and increase the overall product quality.  We can even offer short runs with our own truck to many Ohio cities, self-delivering on an as-needed basis without hiring an outside truck company.  We are experienced in Just-In-Time Kanban delivery and understand the challenges of expedited shipping as it relates to injection molding in Ohio.

B&B can take advantage of speedy shipping via I-75 in the west through Toledo, Dayton and Cincinnati, I-71 in the central part of the state from Cleveland through Columbus and Cincinnati, and I-77 in the eastern region from Cleveland through Akron, Canton, and down into West Virginia.  B&B can offer one or two-day delivery of products related to commercial and consumer injection molding.  Ohio’s transportation routes poise B&B for this critical service.

B&B’s Defiance location can easily access all of the major manufacturing cities in Ohio, sitting less than 200 miles from Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.  The major east-west transportation routes connect B&B to major manufacturing cities (like Cleveland) and include US Highway 30, US Route 40, the Ohio turnpike in the north, I-76 through Akron to Pennsylvania, I-70 through Columbus and Dayton, and the Appalachian Highway running from West Virginia to Cincinnati.  Additionally, major north-south roads facilitate speedy deliveries to industrial cities south of B&B.

How B&B Custom Injection Molding in Ohio Maximizes JIT Efficiency

B&B Custom Molding uses demand forecasting to anticipate the need for shipments by analyzing patterns of data from our clients to prebuild future orders.  For example, a company may regularly order more garage door window frames during the spring and summer, coinciding with new trends in new home construction.  We can begin the process of organizing a garage door window order based on past order data, thus expediting the delivery process and meeting customer demands more efficiently.

Our vendor managed inventory agreement also helps us accurately predict the components necessary to make a customer’s end product.  We use customer-shared data systems to gain information on stock levels in both our customer’s manufacturing facility or at the end customer’s location.  We can study product-ordering cycles to determine the optimum amount of finished stock to keep agreed upon supply levels.  This results in our injection molding Ohio customers being able to maximize the benefits of just-in-time delivery, lowering their inventory levels and increasing the return on their investments.  In these ways we can uniquely and efficiently meet the delivery needs of companies seeking expertise in injection molding in Ohio.