In-House Tool MaintenanceInjection Mold Plastic Suppliers Must Include Support Like Tooling Management To Reduce Total Molding Costs

Keeping Custom Molding Downtime To A Minimum With Our In-House Tool Maintenance

Our in-house tool room allows us to repair, clean, and perform routine maintenance on all of the molds in our facility. This cuts down on delay time, keeps the molds in the highest level of quality, and allows for guaranteed, efficient repairs supporting the custom molding process.

Maintaining the molding tooling is a key part of keeping injection molding production moving. Unfortunately, many injection molders don’t really inspect, perform routine maintenance and repair molds. This results in higher scrap rates, lower overall quality and finished goods rejected or returned. At B & B Molded Products we go above and beyond even normal preventative maintenance to ensure that the molds are kept in the condition they were when given to us (or even better). This includes:

  • Routine inspection with authority, responsibility and accountability of the inspector to our operations group
  • Maintenance of drawings, specifications, instructions and other documentation that comes with the mold
  • Cleaning of molds so that any damage, degredation or operational inconsistencies can be more easily identified
  • Pre installation and post use assays and maintenance checklisting as well as short run load testing
  • Rework and repair including welding, burnishing, milling, grinding, cutting, resurfacing, minor polishing