Soap DispenserMold Injection Plastic: Examples Of How To Lower Total Product Costs

What Happens When You Need To Mold Injection Plastic Better, Faster and Meet Offshore Pricing?

The Project

  • Multi function commercial soap dispenser

The Issues

  • Product designed and tooling built off shore, creating flaw and inconsistent quality in product produced off shore
  • Off shore supplier could not react quick enough to demand for higher volumes and consistent quality product
  • Off shore supplier could not react to, or understand required design changes in timely manner

The Solutions

  • New design for multi cavity mold provided to meet increased demand and future production requirements
  • Production delivery cycle reduced from 120 days to 30 days
  • Design changed to offer increased product variations from one mold. Four new product offerings were now available
  • Design changes were completed in 2 weeks
  • Value added assembly set-up at press side to reduce final assembly labor requirements

The Results

  • Base production increased from 20K units a month to 50K+ units a month.Base production increased 50% because product was more available and of good quality
  • Distribution channels returned to full capacity
  • Reduction in overall cost of completed assembly dispensers with a reduction of lead time by 2/3