Garage Door ComponentCustom Molded Plastics One Piece Parts Reduction Approach, No Glue Or Assembly

Consolidating Assembly Operations For Custom Molded Plastics Throughput Increases

The Project

  • Cost reduction, quality improvement for garage door component

The Issues

  • Thick walled frame with multiple secondary operations in manufacturing using a extruded part
  • Frame in extruded form had to be glued together and then sent out for painting
  • Lead time and delivery

The Solutions

  • Convert approach to custom injection molded frame in one piece
  • Eliminated the gluing process used with extruded product
  • In molding process colored resin was used to eliminate the need for frame to be sent out for painting
  • Injection molding tooling was made to allow for multiple inserts that allowed for different door thickness and colors

The Results

  • Cost savings in the way of material and painting function.
  • Provided savings in material costs, labor for gluing and painting, plus transportation costs in sending frame out for painting
  • Better quality product with better stability and color tones
  • Eliminated a issue at the customer that was consuming engineering resources