Drop-Shipping/Local DeliveryInjection Molding Plastics: Getting Product Out The Door Faster With Fewer Errors Includes The Right Shipping Approach

Custom Injection Molding Plastics, Components And Assemblies From Us Directly To Your Customer

As part of the trend in manufacturing of requiring parts vendors to take more responsibility for lowering total product cost, B & B Molded Products has continued to increase its service capabilities. A good example of this is the ability to perform and coordinate final product delivery. B & B has the logistics support on site to tie into our customers MRP and fulfillment systems and essentially offer direct or “drop” shipping of custom orders to our customer’s customer.

This has proved very cost effective for both anticipated delivery schedules and those times when supply needs aren’t planned as far in advance. While we coordinate these shipments nationwide for customers nearer to our facilitiy, we can even use our own resources to make these deliveries.

For instance, B & B Molded Products  uses our own 24 foot box truck to deliver locally within a 70 mile radius of our facility in Defiance, Ohio. This overall drop shipping capability plus our local delivery ensures fast, efficient, and on-time delivery for your business.