Project ManagementHow Molding Injection Project Management Keeps You From Wasting Thousands Each Month

Any Molding Injection Project Requires Sound Project Management; Here’s How We Do It

B & B Molded Products provides professional, accessible, single point-of-contact project management resources for each customer. Our goal is to ensure that the correct level of understanding and support for each functional area is delivered at each stage of the project. While each employee at B & B Molded Products is expected to address any customer concern directly (even our production workers), our team knows that they must execute each task according to each project’s specific directives. Our project management process features:

  • A team structure that understands its own area of responsibility in order to deliver a project according to the agreed upon requirements
  • The required support from all departments including purchasing, engineering, production and quality control to ensure their functions are performed according to customer expectation
  • Documented project-specific procedures, rules and customer-vendor points of contact in addition to our general policies and procedures (i.e. ISO 9001 quality procedures, purchasing guidelines, vendor qualification guidelines, tooling acceptance and approvals, etc.)
  • Project management tools and aids including project management tracking databases, weekly reports, project plans and project specific training and communication tools
  • Ongoing support of project from prototype to final delivery
  • Specific support for tooling transfers, machinery assignment and integration of internal systems to support the molding injection program